The Saturdays

We are excited to announce UK’s No.1 girl band The Saturdays as brand ambassadors for the Sheen collection. They're busy girls who are always on the go but The Saturdays always manage to look gorgeous. Known for their sophisticated style with a glamorous edge, The Saturdays are loved for their everyday elegant take on fashion, making them the perfect fit for SHEEN.

"We were thrilled when asked to be the brand ambassador’s for Casio SHEEN" say The Saturdays. "The brand is known for adding elegance and glamour to any outfit and we love dressing up and feeling stylish, so it was just right for us! The new Metallics range has a colourway to suit every outfit, ideal for the girl who loves to accessorize."

We were lucky enough to get some exclusive footage behind the scenes of The Saturdays on Casio Sheen's first exclusive shoot with the girls. Featuring the band as they first open their beautiful Casio Sheen watches, do their fashion shoot for the OK! Summer Special and also capture our Casio Sheen official images for the partnership.

Free Babyliss Pro 320Sheen at H. Samuel
  • SHE-3502BD-8AER
  • SHE-3502D-7AER
  • SHE-4507D-7AER
  • SHE-4507GL-1AER
  • SHE-3026L-7A1UDR
  • SHE-3026L-7A3UDR
  • SHE-3503D-8AER
  • SHE-3503SG-7AER
  • SHE-4029SGA-7AUDR
  • SHE-4509SG-5AER
  • SHE-4510GL-9AUDR
  • SHE-4510SG-7AUDR
  • SHE-3503BD-1AER
  • SHE-5516BD-1ADR
  • SHE-3030GL-5AUER
  • SHE-3030GL-5AUER
  • SHE-3030GL-7AUER
  • SHE-3030GL-7AUER
  • SHE-3507SG-7AUER
  • SHE-3508BR-5AUER
  • SHE-3508D-7AUER
  • SHN-3013D-1ADF
  • SHE-3503BD-1AER
  • SHE-3503SG-7AER
  • SHE-4509SG-5AER
  • SHE-4021D-7AEF
  • SHE-4022D-7AER
  • SHN-4019DP-4AEF
  • SHE-4500D-1AEF
  • SHE-4500D-7AER
  • SHE-3800D-7ADR
  • SHE-3801D-1ADR
  • SHE-5019D-7AEF
  • SHE-3500SG-7AEF
  • SHN-5000BP-7AVDR
  • SHE-5512D-1ADF
  • SHE-5516SG-5AEF
  • SHE-3800GD-7AEF
  • SHE-3801GD-7AEF
  • SHN-3013D-1ADF